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Battery Sensor


SPD-A3-ACEB02-V12 (02) battery sensor is used for lead-acid battery monitoring, to collect single battery voltage, pole temperature, and internal resistance. These data can help user well know the battery status, to ensure the power supply for the facilities.

1. High reliability modular design. The individual battery sensors are independent of each other. The 485 ring connection method ensures that any sensor interruption does not affect the communication of other modules.

2. Multi-parameter battery status acquisition. It can simultaneously monitor battery and collect battery voltage, pole temperature, and internal resistance.

3. Strong ability to resist environmental interference. Perfect filtering algorithm and internal resistance detection algorithm to accurately filter out voltage ripple interference and temperature effects to ensure system stability and true and reliable results.

4. Single unit fault self-checking, safe and reliable. Supports self-checking and alarming for multiple faults within the device. Once detected, it will be uploaded immediately, effectively avoiding battery damage and making it safe and reliable.

Battery type

Lead Acid battery

Working voltage

5-18V DC(V12), 1.5-3V DC (V02)

Over voltage protection

Communication power : 18V / 200mA

Communicaiton serial port: 18V/200mA

Communication port

1 x RJ45 port upload; 1 x RJ45 port download

Voltage measuring range

5-18V DC(V12), 1.5-3V DC (V02)

Voltage measuring accuracy


Temperature measuring range


Temperature measuring accuracy


Inner resistance measuring range


Inner resistance measuring accuracy

V12: ±(2%+30µΩ); V02: ±(2%+3µΩ)

Working temperature


Working humidity

5%~95%RH, no condensing

SPD-HT485-A is widely used in server room, data center, telecom base station UPS battery monitoring.

Q: How many sensor I should buy for UPS battery monitoring?

A: It is single battery monitoring sensor, 1 battery sensor for each battery.

Q: What battery can it monitor?

A: It's used to monitor lead-acid battery.

Q: What parameter can it monitor from battery.

A: It's battery voltage, pole temperature, and internal resistance

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