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Project Consulting

Speed technology provide comprehensive environmental monitoring solution for data centers, telecom, power distribution, pharmaceutical, building operations, financial and more industries.

Our team of experts can assist you in designing and implementing a comprehensive monitoring system to track and analyze various environmental parameters, such as temperature, humidity, water leak, power and more.

With our consulting services, we can help you assess your specific monitoring needs, select the most suitable monitoring devices and sensors, and develop a customized monitoring plan. We will guide you through the process of installation, calibration, and data collection, ensuring accurate and reliable monitoring results.

By implementing an environmental monitoring system, you can gain valuable insights into your operations, identify potential risks or inefficiencies, and make informed decisions to optimize resource usage, enhance energy efficiency, and ensure a sustainable environment.

What Sales Service We Provide?

Inquiry customer about the environmental monitoring project requirement list: during this process, we can provide consulting service to help customer assess specific monitoring needs if you not sure.
Our team of experts will design the environmental monitoring solution according to project requirement list.
Quotation will be provided accordingly within 2 hours.
There is demo software for trial.
installation training and guide documents will be provided.

Qualified After-Sales Is Provided

Once get feedback from customer, after-sales team will have a professional engineer to analyse the issue with customer within a hour when feedback received during working time, otherwise will start it next working day.

Speed technology provide 12 months warranty for all products. For the issues which can be fixed by technical supporting, we will response quickly to provide online service to fix it. When there is hardware damage, our team will access with customer for the damage reason. If the hardware is in warranty and damage not caused by human error operation, a free replacement will be provided; if the hardware is out of warranty or damage caused by human error operation, a replacement will be provided with cost.

Customer’s satisfaction make us moving forward with force!

FAQ & Downloads

  • What environmental parameters can be monitored with your systems?
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    Our monitoring systems are designed to track and analyze a wide range of environmental parameters. This includes but is not limited to temperature, humidity, air quality, and power consumption. We understand that different organizations have unique monitoring needs, so we can customize the system to monitor specific parameters that are relevant to your operations.
  • How can implementing an environmental monitoring system benefit my organization?
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    Implementing an environmental monitoring system can bring numerous benefits to your organization. It allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your operations by providing real-time and historical data on environmental parameters. The early alert given by system can help you to minimize the loss when event happen.
  • What's the production lead time?
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    Normally 7-10 working days, exact one depending on the order qty.
  • How can I get the products?
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    Firstly we accept T/T payment and Alibaba payment, once you pay it, we can arrange the shipment by DHL or Fedex, or send the order to your forwarder in China.
  • What's the product warranty?
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    We provide 12 months warranty for all products.
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