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MODBUS Split Airconditioner Controller


SPD-AIR_S2-B is a universal air conditioning controller with MODBUS interface. With a learning function, it can learn the control code of the air conditioner remote control, thereby controlling the air conditioner instead of the remote control; with a batch download and batch import function, it can learn the instructions of an air conditioner remote control, and batch recall through the configuration software. Measure and batch download, saving operating time; with remote control and automatic control functions, which can be selected according to needs; with built-in temperature and humidity sensor, and can display temperature and humidity through LCD; SPD-AIR_S2-B has RS485 interface support MODBUS-RTU protocol, PLC, microcontroller control system, force control, Kingview, Kunlun Tongtai and other configuration software that support this protocol can automatically control most cabinet or wall-mounted air conditioners through SPD-AIR_S2-B .

1.99.9% of air conditioner remote controls can be learned through our supporting software.

2.Can learn 23 groups of key functions.

3.With 485 interface, the air conditioner can be controlled through MODBUS-RTU protocol instead of the remote control.

4.Download the learning code for batch testing.

5.The ModBus communication address and baud rate can be set.

6.SPD-AIR_S2-B equipment adopts a wide voltage power supply, DC 10~30V.

7.The communication distance of 485 communication line can reach up to 1000 meters.

8.Remotely collect the temperature where the air conditioning controller is located.

9.Remote timer to switch air conditioner on and off.

10.Automatically switch the air conditioner on and off according to the set lower temperature limit and upper limit value.

11.Control failure alarm and relay output.

12.Over-temperature, low-temperature alarm and relay output.

13.The device is equipped with a power-down protection function, and the set parameters are saved when the power is turned off.

14.Configure the air conditioner's self-start function when the air conditioner is powered on. After the air conditioner is powered off and powered on again, the device will automatically send the "custom channel 20" command.

15.Supports external infrared probe, infrared emission extension line up to 5 meters.

16.Supports detection of air conditioner operating status.

Power supply

DC 10-30V

Power consumption


Working environment



RS485 output; MODBUS-RTU protoco; baud rate:2400、4800、9600 optional

Infrared interface

Can learn 99% of remote controls and successfully control the air conditioner



It connect with SPEED environmental monitoring system to remotely control split airconditioner, automatically turn on/off airconditioner when temperature higher or lower, or power back.

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