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The introduction of UPS battery monitoring system

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Online monitoring of the battery pack system includes monitoring of battery cell voltage, cell internal resistance, cell internal temperature, pack voltage, ambient temperature and charge and discharge current, and monitoring software is configured to read and display data remotely. Generally, the battery in the computer room is caused by one of the batteries being cracked and not properly managed. The battery deteriorates rapidly and causes an explosion and fire. Since the batteries are used in series and parallel, as long as one section catches fire, the entire battery will spread instantly, leading to a large fire accident.

With the development of technology, the detection technology of battery online monitoring has begun to be applied to data center battery monitoring, which has been proven to be a very necessary and effective method through a lot of time.

1. To prevent accidents, through online monitoring of batteries, early warning can be provided and management is controllable;

2. Online 24-hour monitoring, accurate measurement data, and understanding of battery status at any time, greatly reducing the amount of manual maintenance;

3. It can accumulate the operating data of different brands of batteries, and realize future product selection through big data analysis;

4. It can realize networked and automated management, realize remote monitoring, and save a lot of manpower and material resources.

Main analysis functions of battery monitoring system

1. Automatically analyze the remaining battery capacity;

2. Analyze whether the battery has failed or needs activation;

3. Analyze the cell voltage during float charging to find the battery that needs to be charged;

4. Analyze the cell voltage during float charging to find overcharged batteries;

5. Analyze the float pack voltage to determine whether the charger voltage is too high or too low.

Speed UPS battery online monitoring system has the characteristics of advanced technology, complete functions, complete configuration, stability and reliability, and strong anti-interference. The main functions of the system are: real-time monitoring of total voltage, total current, single cell voltage, single cell internal resistance, single cell temperature, ambient temperature, etc., automatically alarming when any parameter exceeds the threshold, and pre-warning batteries with degraded performance.

Each battery is equipped with an battery sensor to monitor the voltage, internal resistance and temperature of the battery. The sensors are connected to each other through a communication bus and then connected to the monitoring controller. The controller reads every data monitored by each sensor and analyze, process, save and display. It’s uploaded to the monitoring center through the communication port. The battery monitoring system realize online monitoring of each battery’s voltage, pole temperature, internal resistance;and battery pack voltage, charge and discharge current, ambient temperature; and online thermal runaway monitoring. It can automatically and regularly measure the internal resistance of the battery without manual intervention. It can automatically obtain and solidify the reference internal resistance value of each battery, and judge the quality of the battery through automatic horizontal and vertical analysis and comparison of internal resistance.

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